about us

Think Smartphone. Think Hp Oppo Indonesia.

About Us (jakpus.id): Southeast Asia is seen as the e-commerce haven, where new online stores are popping up every day. As such, shoppers are faced with more and more websites in their search for what they want and engage with retailers online. All this can get a little confusing. 
With this in mind, Hp Oppo Indonesia was set up to offer shoppers the widest selection of products and brands, provided by hundreds of partners in Southeast Asia – all made available on one shopping website. No more having to search through the plethora of websites.
Going through many different websites often takes time. Hp Oppo Indonesia recognized the importance of saving time and money and has provided shoppers the benefit of comparing prices of products from its partners. Other useful information like delivery time and costs, payment options and good coupon deals are also readily available.
Hp Oppo Indonesia has in place a stringent selection process of acquiring partners in order to offer shoppers high quality and reliable partners. This is to ensure that online purchases are made in a safe environment.
With a click of a button, the avid shopper can now search for products, compare prices and save with great deals – all in one safe shopping site.

Our Mission

To bring a greater level of transparency, convenience and trust to the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.

Our Core Values

Our Key Pillars

  • Variety: Widest selection of products from over 1500 partners across Southeast Asia.
  • Safety: Stringent selection process of acquiring high quality partners.
  • Savings: Offer price comparison feature partner delivery information and great coupon deals to save time and money.

Markets & Funding

With the help and funding of the Asia Venture Group – investments include iMoney, Trusted Company and Happy Fresh – we quickly acquired international know-how, expertise and talent in fields ranging from technology over online marketing to the business side of things.

Focused on execution from our headquarters in Jakarta, we quickly grew into the leading platform for Indonesian OPPO Smartphone online shoppers markets: 


  • We are stronger because of our differences (not despite them).
  • We believe innovation and growth thrive on diversity.
  • We are mindful of our own unconscious bias and are committed to look beyond it.


  • We acknowledge to be successful we need to constantly learn new things.
  • We invest in our personal growth and the growth of others around us.
  • We believe having a “can do” attitude is one of the most important traits we can have as an Hp Oppo Indonesia.


  • We recognize that in order to make an impact we first need Courage.
  • We speak up about what we believe is right, even if it is hard to do.
  • We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, to try something new.


  • We believe in the power of feedback, seeking to make our feedback timely, specific and respectful.
  • We seek actively other input, especially when things are not going well.
  • We build each other up with positive feedback and remember saying “good job” is feedback too.